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Ronald & Lyle Delano
Jewelers and Goldsmiths

Custom Designs,

Fine Jewelry for all Occasions,

Precious Gems,

Expert Jewelry and
Watch Repair


Rings with gems

Can jewelry make you happy... It sure helps.  Whether giving or receiving, Carver Jewelers is here for you.


Carver Jewelers goldsmith crafting jewelry

Custom jewelry and design is a hallmark of Carver Jewelers.  Jewelry repairs are our stock in trade.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 9:30-5:30, Saturday 9:30-3:00

We are glad to be part of our South Shore community, including Carver, Plympton, Kingston, Duxbury, Pembroke, and Plymouth areas.  Please contact us on any questions you have as to our capabilities or inventory.  Visit our store to get the full effect of the tradition, the quality, the elegance and skill that Carver Jewelers offer your jewelry selection.

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Rings with gems
Carver Jewelers goldsmith crafting jewelry